Becoming conscious is the first step for change…

One of the steps in adopting a new lifestyle is becoming conscious  and being mindful of the effects of food and your body. Because of daily demands and stressful deadlines, we hardly give attention to the plate of food in front of us! We eat wired to tv’s, mobiles, laptops whatever our preferred distraction that we have no clue how detrimental tis is to our overall digestion and it’s impact.

Do you want to enjoy your food, instead of mindlessly heaping forkfulls into your mouth without paying any attention to the very process? Do you want to start a new lifestyle?Download our free eating diary. 

The diary will give you an insight in your eating-, sports- and sleep habits, but also in your behaviour and feeling. Journaling your behaviour and feelings and evaluating them, will help you feel more conscious about the connection of food with your body. Eventually you will become very adept of the relationship of food and mood and the overall impact. Enjoy a healthy body, a healthy mind and healthy (and delicious) food. 

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